Various Flavors of Wedding Cookies in Houston TX

Sumptuous cookies in Houston TX for weddings

CookiesCookie is a popular dessert and if you are thinking of having cookies for your wedding day, you have made a great choice. There are many flavors of cookies that you can choose from which your guests will surely love. To help you get started, here are the various flavors of wedding cookies in Houston TX that you can choose from:

Sugar Cookies: These cookies represent the simple sweetness that people loves. This cookie is very easy to make and is also a great wedding favor.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: This is a very popular flavor of cookie that is in demand most especially to kids. Every bakery shop offers a delicious chocolate chip cookie that is a combination of chocolate and batter.

Peanut Butter Cookies: This is a favorite flavor for both kids and adults. Your guests will surely delight eating this delicious cookie during your wedding reception.

Oatmeal Cookies: It is ideal that you also serve oatmeal cookies along with other various flavors of cookies. This is an in demand cookies for health conscious people. They are not that healthy but they contain less fat.

Other cookies also include oatmeal raisin cookies, oreo cookies and Girl Scout cookies. These wedding cookies in Houston TX will surely delight the taste buds of your guests. You can look online for the bakeries near you that offer various flavors of delicious cookies.

These cookies are also great to be served as a wedding favor. You can contact your local bakery and ask if they cater to large number of orders. You can even choose to customize the cookies by adding your initials or the date of your wedding into the cookies.

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