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Use of (and/or or (the “Website”), as a Member or as a Visitor, constitutes your acceptance and agreement to all of the terms and conditions of this “Member Terms Agreement” between you and, LLC and your agreement to be bound by these terms.

Continued use of the Website following any changes to this “Member Terms Agreement” constitutes your acceptance of any/all changes and new terms and your agreement that the most recent Terms supersede all prior agreements. Notice regarding changes will be posted on the Website Home Page under the “News” section, any time changes are made to the Member Terms. It is the Member’s/Visitor’s responsibility to periodically review the Member Terms.

It is the Member’s Responsibility to maintain a valid E-mail address with “Whitelisted” (in the Member’s E-mail Software and/or by the Member requesting this of their ISP) to enable to send Important correspondence to the Member, including Member Signup Confirmation, periodic updates regarding important site news and/or their Member Profile, and to enable’s E-mail Submission Form to properly forward correspondence to the Member. Since does not display the Member’s E-mail address on the Profile page the only way to insure you will receive correspondence from someone wishing to contact you is by maintaining a current E-mail address and by Whitelisting in your E-mail software. The E-mail addresses to Whitelist are:,,

Please note that to protect Members from receiving inappropriate messages from individuals who try to send such correspondence in bulk, to “many” members at one time, has put in place a detection system to automatically “quarantine” suspicious messages by analyzing different criteria that these messages usually have in common with Scams/Spam.

At times it is necessary to read these “quarantined” messages to validate them before allowing them to be forwarded to Members, or to make the determination they are not appropriate communications and not forwarding them. For this reason anyone utilizing the Form Messaging System to either send or receive messages should understand there is no guarantee of privacy, as there is not with regular E-mail correspondence that can be accessed at many points on the Internet between the sender and the finally delivery to the recipient.

Our Scam/Spam detection system has been quite successful in detecting numerous 419 Scam E-mails before they could reach our Members, and we have so far blocked many IP addresses that these inappropriate messages were tracked to, from being able to access again. The blocked IP addresses are primarily from the Countries/areas of: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

As a benefit to our Paying Members, has the ability to provide these Members with Marketing Statistics of Visitors to the Photographers Profile Page, including Data regarding Country, City, and State the Visitor connected from. Visitors to the Profile Pages of members acknowledge acceptance of this tracking anytime they access a Members Profile Page.

IIt is the Member’s Responsibility to maintain valid and current contact information including address and telephone number. The member has the capability from within his listing to prevent these contact details from being displayed to anyone viewing their profile. Proper contact information is required in case the Administrator must contact the Member by telephone or postal mail, in the event there have been any problems with contacting the Member by E-mail. Membership on one of our sites constitutes your agreement to accept periodic E-mailings from us. We generally do not send out strictly commercial E-mails, and our E-mails usually contain tips on how best to use our website and setup your member record. We also send out E-mails to inform Members about new features, or features they may not be aware of. Your cooperation in receiving these periodic messages is appreciated. By maintaining a Membership on one of our sites you give your agreement to accept these E-Mails. If you do not want to accept these periodic E-Mails instructions are provided below, in section 8, on how to delete your listing with us.

Members may only post Images that they personally own the Copyright on or have obtained written permission to use from the Copyright Owner.

Member assumes all responsibility for any images or text content the Member post to his profile or to the Website. Any Member posting Images assumes all liability for copyright violation regarding any images they have posted to the Website or any Legal actions resulting from any inappropriate Image or text information they have posted to their Member Profile, or any other part of the Website they have personally added content to. reserves the right to remove/edit any Member Profile and/or Images, or textual content the Member has added to his listing. The decision to proceed with any such removal is in the sole discretion of You agree that, in its sole discretion, may terminate or suspend your free or paid Member Profile and access to the Website for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of the Terms.

You may Terminate your relationship with at any time by logging into your Member Profile and choosing the “Delete” option, to have your listing permanently removed from our Member Database. Just go to PLAN INFORMATION–>Delete Profile. Alternately, you may send a message to with the subject “UNSUBSCRIBE” along with enough details to allow us to identify your record, including your first & last name and phone number. Filing a “Spam Complaint”, after agreeing to these terms and signing up or maintaining a listing with one of our sites, is a violation of this agreement and cause for the immediate deletion of your listing with us.

You agree to indemnify and hold, its managers, directors, officers, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney/legal fees and expenses, due to or arising from your use of the Website, or related to your removal from the Website. offers a number of free Membership packages for Models, Photo Assistants, Art/Creative directors, Advertising Agencies, Photo Industry Suppliers, and our Amateur Photographer Members.

Beginning February 1, 2007 we will be converting to a system where those of our Members who stand to benefit the most form a listing on the Website “Our Professional Photographer Members”, will have a choice of 3 different Paid Profile Packages. All of these Packages offer much more extensive benefits then we have had in the past, and are priced at a fraction of what our competitors charge, beginning at just $100 for an entire year. Information on the details of these packages as well as the packages and prices of our competitors is available in our FAQ section.