The Surreal Photography Of Member Daryl Que

Besides being a photographer for many years, Daryl Que considers herself a photo-illustrator.

She loves illustrating ideas and depicting imaginary worlds full of mysterious, mythological beings, fantasy landscapes, alien worlds and other ethereal realm that often just seem to dwell right beside our reality. She also likes to depict emotions – to look inside into one’s soul to show who they really are, or maybe who they would like to be in their dreams.

Daryl has always bees interested in mythology, ancient worlds and cultures, as well as in the subconscious mind and emotions, which interests were later strengthen by her Cultural Anthropology studies (she holds a Master of Art degree in this field).

Daryl likes photographing people, with particular interest in concept photo-illustration, fine art portraiture, fashion and fine art nudes. She also likes photographing nature (“I always felt a strong connection with it”) and various interesting locations around the world.

In her own words: “Then I often use these travel and nature pictures as backgrounds for my creative concept illustrations. Many of my photographs and concept art images where published on book, magazine and music CD covers, as inside illustrations, in calendars, on greeting cards, or they were used in advertising and other publications. My goal and dream is to help more publishers and companies to illustrate their products and ideas.”