Prettiest Custom Wedding Cakes to Offer Your Guests in Houston, TX

Collection of Pretty Custom Bridal Cakes

After scouring a number of bakeries, this article will be featuring the prettiest custom wedding cakes in Houston, TX which you could feature in your special day. If you worry that you don’t have enough option for your sweet confections to be served to your guests, the cakes that will be mentioned below will guide you through,

(1) Pink Cake with Handmade Lace

If you want to go classic, pick a cake which resembles a lace; you can hand-pipe the lace to look classy. The floral lace is monogrammed so it will look classy at the same time very couture.

(2) Ikat Painted Cake

It’s not all the time that you get to see a hand painted ikat deWdding Cakesign on a cake. Get a three tier of white colored cake then start hand-painting the ikat design on its white fondant. Make sure to top it with something catchy, like topper which is laser-cut.

(3) Art Deco Cake

If you think you can only have art deco on your bridal ring, well you are wrong. Art deco could also be featured in a cake. Give your white fondant cake a tone of jewel. Its accent is simply attractive.

(4) Gold or Bronze Cake

This 5 tier cake is simply glamorous. The secret element which is featured in this cake to look beautiful is the height and texture. Its surface is being designed with sugar confetti thus contrasting the vertical height of the cake. Don’t forget to top it off with bronze or golden floral confectionary.

Having a pretty dress is not enough if you are celebrating your own wedding. It is important that you should also serve glamorous cake to your visitors. The above pretty custom wedding cakes in Houston, TX will surely give your event a one of a kind wonder.