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Company : David Oswald Photography
Location : Los Angeles, California, 90042
    United States
Telephone : 1-213-2393448
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Member Since : February 23, 2009
Gender : Male
David Oswald lives in Los Angeles, California where he has worked as a photographer for over 30 years, specializing in landscapes, portraits, photo restoration and digital imaging. David has photographed numerous national parks since 1984.
In January 2009, David published his first book entitled, A Journey Through Mukuntuweap: The History of Zion National Park.
The inspiration to write and publish the book came from David's visit to Zion in the early 1970s along with his passion for photographing national parks.
"My first memory of Zion National Park came while on a summer trip with my parents in the early 1970s. I vaguely remember the features of the canyon, except one distinct detail. It was when my mother and I walked across a suspension bridge over the Virgin River. The experience left a lasting impression imprinted in my mind forever. Later years, flooding washed away the bridge. In 1984, I was re-introduced to Zion Canyon by my wife, Lorrie."
-David Oswald

David currently accepts new assignments and offers stock photography. His stock photo library contains many images of national parks and monuments that can be used for various projects.

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