Hosting your Domain Name URL

(NOTE: You must be subscribed to one of our Plans that say’s “At Members Domain Name-URL”).

1. First go to your Member Management Section:

MANAGE MY WEBSITE–>Setup My Own Domain Name.

Enter your Domain Name and submit it, so we can get started on the process of setting it up on our server.

NOTHING will happen with this first step until you also complete step #2, and your Domain will remain exactly where it is.

2. Go to your Domain Registrar and point your “A Record” to our server’s IP address:

As soon as we validate your Domain Name Submission and you point your Domain Name to our server, it can sometimes take as little as 15 to 30 minutes for your site to be running on the SiteBuilder Server.

Following are sample instructions on how to do this if your Registrar is GoDaddy.

The preferred method is to only point your Web Traffic (http www) to our servers, while leaving your eMail and other services at your current registrar. This gives you the most control of your eMail, through your Domain Registrar – such as the ability to add additional eMail accounts as you need them.

Here is an example of how to do this with the Registrar by just pointing to our servers IP address without changing your current NameServer entries.

A.Godaddy–>List of “All my Domains” or “Manage My Domains”: Member should see a list of all of his Domain Names
B. . Click on the Domain Name (It should be a blue link)
C. Click the link for TOTAL DNS–>Total DNS Control
D. At the top of the next page you should see a section for “A (Host)”
E. Over on the far right below “Actions” is an ICON of a piece of “Paper & a Pen” that you should click on
F. On the next page where it shows “Point to IP Address” you should replace the current IP address, with the Server’s IP address of: – then click the “OK” button.
G. You will be returned to the Godaddy Overview section where you will again see the section for “Total DNS”
H. You should now see TOTAL DNS–>”ARecord @″
Using this method your site is usually active with us within 15 minutes.
Many Domain Registrars have the same ability for “control of the IP Address your Domains Web traffic can be pointed to”. We suggest you check your Registrars help documentation, or contact their live support.