1. What is PhotographerIndex.com?
• PhotographerIndex.com is a community of Professional Photographers, Photo Assistants. Models, Art/Creative Directors, Advertising Agencies, Stylist and other Photo Industry Suppliers located throughout the world.

• Members enter their contact & biography details, and upload sample portfolio images to their PhotographerIndex.com Profile/Portfolio page.

• Visitors choose from multiple search methods to find Photographers and other Members that match their search requirements, and are presented with a Search Results Page that contains up to 6 sample thumbnail images from each of the Photographers/Members.

2. When was PhotographerIndex.com started?

PhotographerIndex.com was started in January 2008. In October 2009 existing Photo Assistants. Models, Art/Creative Directors, Advertising Agencies, Stylist and other Photo Industry Supplier Members of Photographers.com were moved over to PhotographerIndex.com. This leaves Photographers.com as an exclusive venue for Professional Photographers only, while enhancing PhotographerIndex.com as an Index for the Photography Industry.

3. Is there a cost for a PhotographerIndex Membership?

Membership on PhotographerIndex is free for all Member types and comes with a great looking Profile Page, with Multiple Galleries.  Image display capabilities vary depending on Member Type.

Members must accept our period Member Newsletters which contain important tips on how to best use our system, and occasional offers and special discount promotions from our Sponsors.

4. How do I join PhotographerIndex.com

Just go to our New Member Signup:

The signup process takes only a few minutes to complete, and receive the confirmation email. Minutes later you can already have your Images uploaded and displayed on a great looking Member Profile Page, as well as being included in our Search Results and other image display areas.

5. Who can become a member of PhotographerIndex.com

PhotographerIndex.com is only for Professionals actually working in the Photography business and related industries.

6. How do I delete my profile?

Login to your Member Profile at: http://PhotographerIndex.com/login

a. Go to your Image Library and delete all of your Images to ensure they are completely removed from our system

b. Then go to: PLAN INFORMATIONDelete Profile. Click the “Delete” button and follow any additional instructions.

Alternately you can contact: admin@PhotographerIndex.com
With the subject: “Delete my PhotographerIndex.com listing”

7. How do I change my password

Login to your Member Profile at: Login to your Member Profile at: http://PhotographerIndex.com/login

a. Go to MEMBER INFORMATION eMail and Login Information

b. Then go to: Change Password Enter your new Password and click “Reset Password

i. In the top box enter: New Password (minimum 4 characters, letters and numbers only)
ii. In the bottom box enter: Your Current Password (for security purposes)

8. What size and format of images can I upload?

Our maximum Image Display Area is a Horizontal 900 Pixels wide by 600 Pixels High (900×600 px). Uploading images with these dimensions will provide the largest possible image display in our  new “Member Websites” and we will size the Images down slightly for your Profile Page. In Photoshop, you can even combine 2 vertical Images in a single horizontal file with these dimensions.

We recommend:
• sRGB files, although Adobe RGB 1998 Profiled files are also acceptable.

• All files should be “.jpg” files and we recommend saving at a high quality level and not saving with any thumbnails or icons, in order to keep the file sizes smaller.

• We suggest using the Adobe Photoshop feature for “Save for Web & Devices” with a quality level between 70 and 100 or Photoshop JPG Levels from 8 through 12.

9. How do I upload my images?

We have 2 methods of uploading Images:

a. Navigate to the individual Images located on your computer using our Single Image HTML Upload.

b. Use our Multi Image uploader where you just drag the selected Images from one of your folders into a web browser window, and you can easily upload many images at one time.

10. How do I organize my images?

Our Image Manager contains a top section and a bottom section. The top section is your “Library”, where you can store up to 200 Images. Images in the Library do not display in any Visitor accessible areas.

The section below the Library is used to designate which Images from your Library you want to display in our sections for:

• Profile Page Gallery Images (Create multiple Gallery Categories)

• Rotating Thumbnail Images on the Home Page (Left Side) – For Professional Photographer Members Only

• Search Results Images (6 Images) – For our Search Results Page as well as our Featured Photographers Page. (These sections sort by displaying the Members who have allocated 6 Images first, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Within these areas there is a second sort displaying the listings of those Members that have most recently logged into their listings.

• Visual Search Images – Visitors can search by looking for images that interest them. The Images are grouped in sections that are organized based on the first letter of the Photographers Last Name.  For Professional Photographer Members Only.

11. How do I log into PhotographerIndex.com?

You can Login at http://PhotographerIndex.com/login

You can Login with your choice of “Username” or “Primary email Address” along with your Password.

a. What can I do if I forgot my password?

b. What if I don’t know my username to log in?

c. What if I don’t remember my last email Login ID that I used?

d. If you don’t know your Member ID, you can often figure it out by combining your firstname and lastname in lower case with no spaces in between

e. If all of the above fails, you can eMail or phone us.

12. What is the visitor statistics section?

Once you are logged into your Member Profile there is a section where you can generate a report that displays a graph showing how many visitors there have been to your Member Profile Page, during the current and each previous month, as well as data regarding the Date & Time of the visit, and the visitors Country, State, & City.

13. How do I search PhotographerIndex.com?

We have many different types of searches, all accessed by clicking the link on our Top Menu Bar for “Search”

• Advanced Search

• Country Search

• City Search

• State/Province Search

• Specialty Search

• Search by Image (A visual method of browsing through Images) – For Professional Photographer Members Only

14. What is the privacy policy of PhotographerIndex.com?

PhotographerIndex.com does not sell or provide member details or email addresses to any other parties.

PhotographerIndex.com operates under the corporate entity of Global Photo Sites LLC which includes Photographers.com, PhotographerIndex.com, and PhotoClubGallery.com. Member information may at times be shared between these 3 sites.

15. Will my email address be published anywhere on the web site?

No. We require visitors to use our form messaging system.

16. What email addresses should I approve (include in my white list) to ensure that I receive email messages from visitors to my profile page using the form messaging system, as well as important communications from the site’s Administrator?

• admin@PhotographerIndex.com

• webmaster@PhotographerIndex.com

• admin@photographers.com

• webmaster@photographers.com

17. How do I get my photograph shown as a Featured image?

This feature is for Professional Photographer Members only. If you feel your Images ”have that something extra”, that makes them stand out, as per the Images that are already being displayed in the Featured Images Section on the right side of the Home Page, notify admin@PhotographerIndex.com, and the next time our committee meets to select Images we feel are appropriate for this section we will include a review of your uploaded Images.

NOTE: In order to have your images considered for inclusion in the Home Page “Featured Iamges” section, you must have uploaded some Horizontal Images to your Member Image Library. The horizontal images dimensions should be roughly 900×600 Pixels.