Different Wedding Ballroom Dancing Lessons in Houston, TX That You Can Learn

Five Recommended Ballroom Dance Styles

Ballroom dance is not only seen as a type of dance where you will need a partner. It is a dance meant for social graces. To know that there are actually many types of ballroom dance, there is no need for you to worry if you can’t find one easy enough for you to learn. If you are now looking for wedding ballroom dancing lessons in Houston, TX, here are the couples dance lessons Houston to consider learning.

  •       Cha Cha

A playful dance for you and your partner to share on your first dance, Cha Cha is something that you should include on your list of dances to learn. With Cha Cha, you can show your lively and bubbly side. With just small steps and Cuban hip motions, you can now do your “1, 2, cha cha cha” fun rhythm.

  1.       Foxtrot

An easy to learn ballroom dance, Foxtrot is the crowd’s favorite. With its smoothness, you will feel like you are already dancing like a professional. With simple walking and side slow steps, it can be shown as a romantic and beautiful dance. But if you want to master the dance style, it is recommended to take wedding ballroom dancing lessons in Houston, TX for Waltz and Quickstep first.

  1.       Waltz

As the most popular social dance in history, it is now considered as the backbone or the mother of all ballroom dances. With Waltz, you can make use of your spacious grand ballroom. This dance requires travelling with its rise and fall act. Show to your guests your flawless, smooth and flowing movements.

  1.       Jive

If you are always full energy, better use that in dancing. Jive is a dance that requires lots of energy with the legs doing a pumping-like action. This will look like your feet are moving to every direction. Aside from that, there will be lots of knee-lifting, hip-rocking, and bending too.

  1.       Rumba

You can take an extra mile to show how romantic you can be. Rumba is known to be a very sensual dance. As the dance of love, you can do your favorite slow, serious, and flirty dance moves with your partner.

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