Astral Catering Wedding Food Order in Houston, TX: Cut Your Catering Bill With These Tips

Tips to Reduce Catering Costs

Now that the other details of the wedding ceremony and reception have been laid out, one thing that you need to think about now is the catering provider. And one of the most important detail about the catering is the food menu. But having a caterer like the astral catering wedding food order in Houston, Texas doesn’t mean that you’ll be spending half of your fortune.

Wedding CateringBelow are tips on how to cut costs on your catering bill without compromising your satisfaction of that of your guests.

First of all, don’t order food more than you need. Oftentimes, many couples order a tray or two of appetizers in case additional guests show up. There is nothing wrong with it, but make sure that you don’t order more hors d’oeuvres than you actually need. You can avoid ordering more of it if you’ve prepared a guest list before your wedding day.

Second, pay attention to the food menu you choose. No matter what catering provider you hire, like the astral catering wedding food order in Houston, Texas, there are really some foods that more expensive than the others; sometimes even if you order small amounts. For instance, seafoods like salmon and lobster can surely increase your catering bill. But if you really want to have these, you can use them for your main courses only.

Lastly, have food stations. Food stations are great ways to serve your food to your guests. It can also be a sure way have everyone something to eat that they like. Having food stations will give you no worry on people not finding the food that they like. Make sure to categorize the foods placed in the station for an effective serving. This way, your guests can enjoy more your wedding celebration.

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