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While the previous site only contains “Professional Photographers” who must demonstrate their ability to produce only the highest quality Professional caliber work, consistent with many years of experience, the requirements for Membership on PhotographerIndex.com are more flexible. PhotographerIndex includes some photographers in the early stage of their career working towards gaining the experience that could qualify them for membership in our premier site “Photographers.com”. Top Professional Photographers who are not yet ready to make the commitment to a Membership on Photographers.com can get to experience our great programming and our Image Display Profile Pages and then upgrade to an affordable Photographers.com Membership once they have gotten to experience our service.

While Membership on the previous site automatically qualifies a photographer as creating high enough caliber work that there is no question of their suitability for membership on PhotographerIndex.com, the reverse is not true.

PhotographerIndex also includes Member types for:
Photo Assistant
Photo Industry Supplier
Art Director/Graphic Designer
Advertising Agency

All Member types on PhotographerIndex are offered free Image Display Profile Pages.

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The direction we are taking PhotographerIndex.com towards will include Social Networking and Community Features, whereas Photographers.com is more focused on building a Membership of the finest Photographers in the world. Photographers.com will have extensive marketing to Advertising Agencies, Magazine Publishers, Fortune 500 Companies, and other buyers of Photography Services, whereas PhotographerIndex will not.

PhotographerIndex.com is supported by a Banner Ad on each Profile Page, whereas previous site is not.

As a Professional Photographer we look forward to your Membership on either or both of our websites, as we look forward to building interaction and communication between all of our PhotographerIndex.com member types.